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Dan Wright second place winner Top Technician 2012


Second place Top Technician 2011

Clive Atthowe U.K Top Technician Winner 2007




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German MSC Diesel uprades

Noticeably more power and torque

Fitting the MSC power module enables a performance and torque increase of up to 20% for your engine. Experience the added mid range pull and also the way the engine continues to make its power further up the rev range.

The MSC power module sets new yardsticks within the range of Plug & Drive engine tuning. Sophisticated firmware and custom made looms allow the MSC power module to be used both for diesel and petrol engines.

Based on the piggyback-principle the MSC power module is attached to the engine’s periphery and takes control over the ECU´s (engine control unit) signals. These changes show up to 20% more power and torque output whereas the ECU´s engine protective functions remain fully functional.

In order to meet fair highest requirements, MSC power modules are examined by German TÜV which ensures the adherence to European emission laws.

The raised performance output is arranged by our engineers in a way that neither the permissible exhaust gas temperature nor the individual part load limits are exceeded.
Less fuel consumption
In times of rising fuel prices a performance increase shouldn’t be only a matter of fun but also a matter of fuel consumption.

The torque increase also gives more power in the lower rev range and at part throttle. Therefore fuel consumption is usually reduced by 5-8% when the driver is consciously using this advantage.

However performance increase is pure physics: the fuel consumption will slightly raise when accelerating at full throttle more frequently.

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Simple and fast fitting
Custom made looms and original connectors reduce fitting time on most vehicles.

The simple and professional fitting was a pre requisite  at the product requirement specifications during development. Since no mechanical interference takes place, the MSC power module is simple to fit.
 When changing your car the MSC power module can be re-used on your next common rail vehicle. For a small fee we can update the MSC module´s firmware and provide a new loom if necessary.

It is important that the injection system of your new car is compatible with that of the old car. For example when changing from a Peugeot HDI to a Mercedes CDI the MSC power module can be re-used with a new loom and firmware update: both engines use the Common rail injection

Clive Atthowe Tuning has over 30 years of tuning and diagnostic background with over 15 years rolling road and Bosch fuel injection experience.
Crypton technician of the year 1992 /93/94.
Bosch World Cup second place in the UK 2002                    .
Top Technician 2007 in the UK
Bosch Master Technician
ATA Master Technician 
Bosch car service is OFT Approved  You can be confident in the quality  of our service.



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