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Dan Wright second place winner Top Technician 2012


Second place Top Technician 2011

Clive Atthowe U.K Top Technician Winner 2007




 Member of the Frank Massey Network




The latest Vauxhall MDI pass through unit Ford IDS

The latest Vaxhall cars Insignia Astra J require the latest pass through unit MDI to comunicate and programme. We have the latest Tis web software and required hardware.

In addition we have full Ford IDS this covers the the whole Ford range as well as Jaguar, Land Rover and Mazda cars to dealer level.

Toyota techstream is the other latest dealer tool we have this covers all models from 2002 .

With today's advanced vehicle technology, cars are like "computers on wheels" so it is imperative that workshops have the latest diagnostic equipment and the best technical expertise available if they are to provide their customers with a professional service.

Clive Atthowe has invested in the most up to date Diagnostic equipment and training to ensure our technicians are able to deal with repairing faults in:

Engine Management
Fuel Injections Systems
Anti-Lock Braking Systems
Electronic Diesel Control Systems
Safety Related Systems
Comfort Systems
Infotainment Systems

Dealer level diagnostics from
Autologic test equipment for BMW \Mini \  Mercedes \ Porsche \ Jaguar \ Land Rover \ Volvo \ Tech 2 Vauxhall  with MDI \ Ford IDS \ Mazda\Subaru Select monitor & Delta dash \Toyota Techstream. 

General testers from Autodiagnos \ Bosch \ Sykes
Oscilloscopes From Pico and Fluke                     

List of coverage for each vehicle
Our technicians take part in the Bosch Training Courses where they are trained on the latest technologies, using the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to ensure their skills are maintained and updated on a regular basis.

When your car operates at peak performance levels you save fuel and reduce the exhaust pollution - helping both your pocket and the environment in one go.

Clive Atthowe Tuning has over 30 years of tuning and diagnostic background with over 15 years rolling road and Bosch fuel injection experience.
 Crypton technician of the year 1992 /93/94.
 Bosch World Cup second place in the UK 2002                    .
 Top Technician 2007 in the UK
 Bosch Master Technician
 ATA Master Technician 
 Bosch car service is OFT Approved
 You can be confident in the quality of our service.




Fuel Injection Servicing and Exhaust Emission Diagnostics and  Repairs .
Fuel injected engines are paramount to the whole engine's performance, not only with respect to pollution, but also to performance, economy and the general driveability of the car.

As a Bosch Car Service garage we have the tools, knowledge and parts to service and repair your entire fuel injection system, ensuring we:

Keep the emissions from your engine to a minimum
Help your vehicle pass its next MOT
Maintain or improve fuel economy
Maintain or improve engine performance, and
Maintain or improve the driveability of your car
The majority of fuel injected vehicles have Bosch parts or systems. As an appointed agent we have

Full test equipment
Information on all Bosch systems
Access to technical backup if required
A wide range of petrol injection spares

We offer an alternative to the franchised dealer, providing a first rate service at an affordable price.

We have over thirty years experience in our field
The latest diagnostic equipment
State of the art four wheel drive rolling road
Our own testing methods which incorporate high speed oscilloscopes
We have an insight into your cars electronic systems often not even seen conventional garage test equipment


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